Pat A Kimmer, CPA P.C.

Pat A Kimmer, CPA P.C.

IRS Smartphone Application and Social Media Tools

In 2011 IRS implemented a new smartphone application called "IRS2Go".  This lets taxpayers check on the status of their tax refund and also obtain helpful tax information such as easy-to-understand tax tips.  IRS claims E-filers can now get refund information within 24 hours after they receive e-mail acknowledgement saying the IRS received their tax return.  Paper-filers will need to wait 4 weeks before they can check the refund status.  You can enter your email address if you want to get daily tax tips during the tax filing season and periodically the rest of the year.  For the free "IRS2Go" app go to either the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace to download.



Other ways to get tax information:

1.  YouTube - here you can find IRS short, informative videos on various tax-related topics offered in English, American Sign Language and other foreign languages.  To access the videos go to the IRS YouTube Video channel.

2. Twitter - follow tweets @IRSnews for tax-related announcements, news for tax professionals and updates for job seekers.

3. Audio files for podcasts - short audio recordings on one tax-related topic per podcast available on iTunes or through the Multimedia Center on

4. Widgets - these tools can be placed on websites, blogs or social media networks and direct users to for the latest tax initiatives and programs.

5. RSS - stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a way to gather information in one place on your computer even when you are not on their website.

To find links to any of these social media tools, go to and click on "Social Media".